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About Okay Bhargav Company

The Okay Bhargav Company provides high-quality and free & premium Video Templates, PSD, Vectors, and much more… licensed under the okay bhargav company license. All products are nicely tagged, searchable, and also easy to discover through our discover Product pages.

The Okay Bhargav Company is an Indian short Films and Video Editing Service Provider Company since 2017. and Bhargav Kotadiya (Okay Bhargav) became an owner Of this Company.

Company Overview

The Okay Bhargav Company (also known as The Okay Bhargav Company, commonly referred to as Okay Bhargav) is an Indian film production company, It was founded in 2017 as a film studio by Bhargav Kotadiya who known by his nickname Okay Bhargav, which they owned 100%.

The studio formerly distributed its own films and video services.


The Okay Bhargav logo features a Japanese later which means Focus in your Works. The general idea for the logo was the idea of company founder okaybhargav who wanted to make a different logo in the Japanese version. 

Illustrator work also did by the founder and he used himself as a part of his film character. 

The logo was then turned into a motion graphic at Industrial Light Magic, in collaboration with his Films. 

2018 The Okay Bhargav Company logo originally had music adapted from the track “Audio Jungle” which provides All types of Music(2018), the logo was composed by self okaybhargav.
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