AEScripts Quick Menu 2 v2.1.3 for After Effects Full Version

by Emiko in After Effects

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Create fast, and simple advance wave based mostly motion on any layer in second or 3D. For, something that has to move.

What is Wave-o-Matic?
Wave-o-Matic will what it feels like it’d do, it permits you to quickly produce natural and seamless wave motion on any layer(s). It’s straightforward, fast, and madly effective, with full customisability and management over motion itself. Try it out, it’s such a lot a lot of powerful than you’ll ever imagine.

Make it Float?
Client: “Hey, are you able to build this float on some water”…
Client: “Oh, and can also you create the article fly? in an exceedingly random pattern that isn’t preset and may be modified at any time. simply just in case you recognize, we want to alter everything?”

Motion Designer: “f*ck”

Now creating one thing float or fly sounds straightforward… I mean super easy right? Not such a lot, and undoubtedly not if you have got to ever animate quite one. Well currently that’s all on the brink of amendment, this wave not solely deals with waving however additionally simulating that of associate object floating. With many customizable settings, you’re ready to really manipulate the wave of any object at any speed, and at any time on any angle. Did I MEntion dynamically? currently do this with keyframes… Trust me your life is on the brink of amendment.

Don’t Break Your Rigs!
Using multiple complicated movements will break all styles of things particularly after they square measure hopped-up by expressions. Ever applied some cool written movement and not been ready to do something else… it
feels like being shot within the foot, not that i do know what that feels like… however, that doesn’t ought to be the
case. Wave-o-Matic works absolutely with any keyframed layer while not damaging your keyframes. Also, it
will work mechanically with any layer that has expressions applied. BAM! currently try to tell ME that’s
not dynamic your mind

Using Everything in 3D & second
2D and 3D could be a immense a part of once Effects and having the ability to utilize the area is actually unbelievable. Well, this not solely works with simply the second surroundings it excels in everything 3D too. Tell you what, simply check this video out and I’ll simply shut up.

One Click Apply
Now some folks don’t wish to take a seat within the effects panel twiddling with all the wonderful choices and that i utterly perceive. thus guess what I did for you guys & women, I’ve created it an easy click to use and click on to change and boom you’re done. Hours and hours of labor done. Go build a tea and relax.


  • Create natural wave motions on all layers
  • On and Off settings
  • Impact sliders to regulate what proportion of your wave is applied
  • Automatic second and 3D support
  • Full customizable settings for the point wave
  • Full customizable settings for the movement wave
  • Full 360 angle support
  • Full support for keyframed layers
  • Full support for layers with expressions
  • Controller choices if required
  • One hella sensible bin


AFTER EFFECTS CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6

AEScripts fast Menu two v2.1.3 for once Effects Full Version for Windows & Macintosh

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