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AEscripts Speedx v1.1.1 Full Version for After Effects for Windows Macintosh Free Download

Time remapping tool with AI technology.

SpeedX is an advanced time remapping plugin with AI technology, it is designed to speed up, slow down videos by interpolating additional images between frames intelligently.

The plugin adopts the sophisticated AI-based optical flow method to calculate the object motions in the video sequence. Moreover, thanks to the intelligent AI technology, SpeedX can perceive the occlusion around the motion boundaries. And then it adaptively fuses the image pixels under the guidance of accurate pixel-based optical flow and occlusion information, therefore, generates high quality and more realistic intermediate frames.

SpeedX is a professional and affordable tool for time remapping, always with visually stunning results. It is ideal for video frame rate conversion, super slow motion, speed change, variable reverse playback and more creative video effects.

Moreover, SpeedX plugin is GPU accelerated for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, and available for Mac and Windows.

Simple and user friendly controls.
Two retiming modes: Speed Ratio and Frame Number.
Four interpolation modes: Smooth, Sharp, Nearest, and Blend. Smooth and Sharp modes are with AI technology.


Frame interpolation with visually stunning results, ideally for time remapping applications.

Accurate motion vector for each pixel is obtained using occlusion-aware optical flow method. With the accurate motion vectors, SpeedX adaptively fuses the image pixels to generate high quality and realistic intermediate frames.



Intelligent AI technology analyzes the pixels of large amount of clips and preceives the occlusion around the motion boundaries. SpeedX can handle large motion and occlusion better than the traditional technology, therefore it improves the interpolated image quality.

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