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by Emiko in After Effects

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Distortion Zoom – over 170 handy transitions for After Effects

Distortion Zoom Transitions - 1Distortion Zoom Transitions - 2


Technical requirements

  • To use the Motion Bro extension requires After Effects CC.2014.2 or higher. Watch tutorial
  • To use presets without an extension (drag-and-drop method) requires After Effects CS6 or higher. Watch tutorial
  • It is possible to use presets in Premiere Pro using Dynamic Link. Watch tutorial


Target control for Zoom point

Distortion Zoom Transitions - 3


30 Power Zoom Transitions

\\ Distortion Zoom Transitions - 4 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 5 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 6


30 Elastic Zoom Transitions

Distortion Zoom Transitions - 7 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 8


Over 40 Optics Zoom Transitions

Distortion Zoom Transitions - 9 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 10Distortion Zoom Transitions - 11 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 12


Over 20 Wave Transitions

Distortion Zoom Transitions - 13 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 14


20 Motion Presets

Distortion Zoom Transitions - 15 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 16 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 17 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 18


20 Twirl Transitions

Distortion Zoom Transitions - 19 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 20Distortion Zoom Transitions - 21 Distortion Zoom Transitions - 22


  • Over 170 dynamic transitions
  • Supported any resolution up to 4K
  • Supported any aspect ratio regardless of orientation – portrait or landscape
  • Without media holders (adjustment layers system)
  • Animation speed control in real-time
  • Ability to change Zoom center point
  • Ability to use in Premiere Pro (via the Dynamic Link). Tutorial
  • Does not require advanced skills in After Effects
  • Music used in Promo (not included): Energetic Claps Stomp by Amaksi
  • Font used in Promo (free): Muller
  • Video used in Promo: Link


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