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Element 3D Toolkit

Materials and Bevel presets for Element 3D v.2. Fun, quick and easy. Simple drag and drop! Replace with your text/logo, or create your own scene, texturise your 3D objects like a pro!

Carefully designed & tested bump map materials.

Element 3D v2 plugin is required


  • 140 Materials
  • 37 Bevel Presets
  • Tilable Textures
  • Editable Materials
  • 4K
  • 15 Pre-Made Scenes Included
  • Element 3d v.2 Plugin Required
  • Compatible with After Effects 5 & up
  • Help File (VIDEO)


  • 20 Silver
  • 20 Gold
  • 80 Assorted
  • 20 Glow


  • .ae Pre-Made Scene Files
  • .emf Material Files
  • .mp4 Help Files

Element 3D Toolkit - 4

Element 3D Toolkit - 5

Element 3D Toolkit - 6

Element 3D Toolkit - 7

Carefully designed & tested bump map materials

Element 3D Toolkit - 8 Element 3D Toolkit - 9


Element 3D Toolkit - 10 Element 3D Toolkit - 11 Element 3D Toolkit - 12 Element 3D Toolkit - 13

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