Pixflow Particle Builder | Elemental Pack for After Effects

Pixflow Particle Builder | Elemental Pack for After Effects


Pixflow Particle Builder | Elemental Gear Pack for After Effects
Particle Builder is a FREE plugin for After Effects users to make high quality premium effects. It allows motion designers from beginners to experts to create cinematic and realistic particle effects easily and quickly.

Elemental pack

Make stunning Sand, Dust, Sparkle, Smoke, Glass and Fire effects in After Effects with just 1 click. Elemental Pack is an indispensable particle building tool for video editors & motion designers to take their projects to the optimum level!

Elemental Pack | 6 Categories, 3 Modes, 46 Effects

Elemental Pack is a powerhouse particle building tool for motion designers to easily create realistic Dust, Sand, Smoke, Sparkle, Glass and Fire effects in After Effects. Choose from 3 apply modes, 6 categories, and 46 powerful effects.

Fire Particle

Use Elemental Pack’s Fire effect in After Effects to add flame, blaze & nonstop sizzling intrigue to your footage. That’s hot!
Smoke Particle
Create versatile smoke effects for your After Effects motion graphics projects with Elemental Pack’s Smoke particle.

Dust Particle

Create gritty drama with Elemental Pack’s cinematic & pulverizing Dust effect for After Effects.

Glass Particle

Care to shatter glass particles? Animate particles with the radical drama of Elemental Pack’s Glass effect for After Effects.

Magic Particle

Use Elemental Pack’s Magic effect for After Effects to infuse your motion design projects with hypnotic enchantment.

Sparkle Particle

Add radical radiance & spark to your projects with Elemental Pack’s Sparkle effect for After Effects. The art of motion design!
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