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By | January 15, 2024

RBDLab 1.5 MetalSoft is a revolutionary tool for Blender. From fracturing objects, destroying them and creating details with debris, dust and smoke, to deforming metal, creating cloth, softbodies… all using rigidbodies, allowing an interaction between different types of simulations never seen before in Blender.

RBDLab has been in development for over 2 years. It has become more than just an addon. It’s essentially a complete simulation software within Blender.

RBDLab is a new addon to take full advantage of Blender physics. From fracturing objects to making them explode, adding smoke, debris or advanced use of constraints, RBDLab will allow you to do things in Blender that until now were practically impossible or in which you had to spend a huge amount of hours.

RBDLab has different option panels and a “linear” workflow, from Fracturing, Rigidbody, Constraints, Simulation, Particles… you will go through all the phases that a good RBD system requires.

It has advanced features such as, for example, the emission of particles only from the chunks that break, or “Acetone”, so you can deactivate Constraints as and when you want.

New Scatter Methods:

3 new fracture methods! We have created a module to facilitate the use of the 4 fracture methods.

Texture: Uses procedural textures to generate a scatter. You will get a much more varied result in your fractures.

Organic: Use “filled” particle geometry to generate a very organic result in your fractures. Perfect for recursive shatter if you use it in “Faces” mode.

Boolean: Uses planes to generate boolean fractures, very very fast. Ideal for fracturing windows

Fracture Details.
Autosmooth: We have added the autosmooth option so we can use it while generating the details.
Isolate: We have created a tool to “isolate” some chunks. This way, you will be able to see the internal details you are generating, much more visually.
Noise: We have added the “Depth” option for noise, now the internal details will have much more detail.
We have accelerated all the processes.

We have improved the “Ground” panel.

Particles Module:
You can enable/disable rotation or modify its values.
We will now have Field Weights options on all particles.
We have created a filters tab. With it, we will be able to select the smallest chunks, to mute the particles. This way, small chunks will not emit particles, and the result is more realistic. It also helps to avoid problems with smoke generation.

Smoke Module:
We have added a density option. Temporarily, it can only be configured prior to smoke generation. In the future, we will make it possible to manipulate it at any time.
We have also added a filter so that smaller chunks do not emit smoke.

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