VIDEO COPILOT Action Essentials 2 All Packs Free Download - Okay Bhargav
• 20 Categories of FX
• 500 Pre-Keyed High Definition Elements
• Available in 2 Versions: 2K and 720p
• 60 Minutes of After Effects Training
• 20 Bonus Action Sound FX
• Detailed Video Thumbnails
• Over 90% Live Action Footage

What is Action Essentials 2?

Action Essentials 2 is a collection of stock footage elements for compositing. Ideal for visual effects & motion graphics.

Pre-Keyed Stock Footage:
Built-In Alpha channels for faster compositing

No complicated Keying with these clips! Just place an element over your footage and the background has built-in transparency.

• Saves time while compositing
• More freedom to experiment

Same Elements, Same Content, 2 Resolutions!
2K Film Resolution: [ 2048 x 1152 ]
The massive 2K version offers the most freedom for compositors with over 2.5X more resolution in each element. Whether you are working with in HD or plan to in the future, this collection offers the versatility and resolution needs of tomorrow.

720p High Definition: [ 1280 X 720 ] The 720p Version is ideal for SD and 720p work but many of the elements work great with 1080i projects as well. Especially effects like muzzle flashes and bullet holes, which are generally smaller in the frame.

VIDEO COPILOT  Action Essentials 2 All Packs Free Download - Okay Bhargav


Mac & PC Compatible
Main Video Format: QuickTime RGB + Alpha, Video Codec: PNG
Video Previews: QuickTime MP4, 480 x 360
Sound FX: WAV Format


After Effects 6.5, 7, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
Final Cut Studio
Premiere & Premiere Elements
Vegas Video
Other QuickTime based video software

All Included Pack is Here

  1. Atmospheres 2k
  2. Blood 2k
  3. Charges 2k
  4. Couch Hits 2k
  5. Debris 2k
  6. SIrt Charges 2k
  7. Dust Elements-A 2k
  8. Dust Elements-B 2k
  9. Explosion 2k
  10. Fire 2k
  11. Glass 2k
  12. Muzzle Flash 2k
  13. Particle Hits 2k
  14. Power Hits 2k
  15. Smock 2k
  16. Smock Charges 2k
  17. Sparks 2k
  18. Shells 2k
  19. Wall Hits 2k
  20. Water 2k
  21. Texture packs 2k

VIDEO COPILOT  Action Essentials 2 All Packs Free Download - Okay Bhargav

VIDEO COPILOT  Action Essentials 2 All Packs Free Download - Okay Bhargav


What elements are CG?
CG Elements are computer generated elements that provide difficult or impossible things to capture & key such as small debris, bullet shell casing, Ground Cracks and a few others.

Are the elements slow motion?
Over 50% of the elements are shot high speed at 50-120 frames per second.

Can I buy the 720p Version and Upgrade Later?
In order to maintain the value of both products we do not have an upgrade pathway.

How long are the elements?
Elements are anywhere from 1-25 seconds long. Short spark hits can be only 30 frames long while smoke & fire elements are as long as 500 frames.

What happened to Action Movie Essentials 1?
Action Essentials 2 offers everything and more plus High Definition. The quality and value of this products eliminates the need to offer the older version.

Is it possible to loop elements to make them longer?
Many of the elements like Fire & Atmosphere can be looped by fading the clips together over time. Of course those clips are generally 20-25 seconds to begin with, which is much longer than most visual effects shots.

Can I down-convert the 2K files to 720p to use as proxies?
Yes. In fact we have included a special After Effects CS3 project file that is pre-setup to automatically do this for you. Just hit render and the 720p files will be created. These are great for proxies and working on lower resolution projects.

Use Action Elements for:
• Promo Videos
• Trailers
• DVD Menus

VIDEO COPILOT  Action Essentials 2 All Packs Free Download – Okay Bhargav
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